Your attire at work matters!


Dressing well can be as simple as selecting flattering, non-distracting clothing that matches your company’s corporate culture. Here are some guidelines to help you dress smart at work:

 • Why does attire matter? While your career trajectory is certainly based on your accomplishments, dressing appropriately can give you an extra leg up. A polished appearance helps establish instant credibility, and companies tend to promote those who make a positive impression. If you dress unprofessionally, it may be hard for others to take you seriously, and you may not receive the respect your achievements merit. Tasteful dress enables your supervisor to visualize you in that position you are seeking.

 • What is appropriate? Dress codes vary by employer, and can range from suits-only to jeans on Fridays to business casual every day. If you’ve just started a new job and are unsure of the company standard, it’s wise to err on the conservative side rather than appear too casual. Remember, your clothing should present a professional image and not be flashy or distracting. For women, this means avoiding low-cut or see-through blouses, short skirts or high slits. Men should avoid wild prints on their shirts or ties. Clothing that is wrinkled, stained, or poorly fitting may give the impression that you lack attention to detail.

 • What about business casual? Many workplaces have adopted a business casual policy in recent years, whether it is in place daily or reserved only for Fridays. If your workplace is casual, it’s important to remember that you must still appear professional. Some good options include shirts with collars, short- or long-sleeved blouses, long pants, loafers or casual flats. If jeans are allowed, wear a more formal pair rather than your comfy weekend favorites.

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