How to Find a Job Online – Canadian career resources


Searching for a job can be daunting. Job seekers are often isolated from others, which makes it hard to seek advice about resumes and interviews, and to keep inspired. The Internet is always a good place to go for up-to-date information, but it can be hard to slog through all the different career and job resources. Here are some of our favorite job sites, and also some advice about using the web for research. Enjoy. – Monster post jobs and has a great Career Resources section. Choose from tons of articles on interviews, resume writing, salaries and techniques to help you in the workplace. Don’t forget to post your resume on as well. – Workopolis is another large Canadian job board, which also features a Career Advice section. Check out Workoplis’ new ‘job match’ feature as well.

Human Resources Development Canada – has information and resources about finding jobs in Canada and also hosts the Job Bank where Canadian employers can post jobs for free.

Piggyback research – There are many sites that have compiled the exact information you’re looking for. A simple Google search for ‘Canadian job resources’ turned up this independent website, which has an excellent list of Canadian and regional job boards and resources.

Professional Organizations – Many professional organizations have a website with a job board.  For example, The National Dental Assisting Examining Board features a ‘job opportunities’ section on their website.  Do a Google search for a professional organization in your area of expertise -  you might be surprised by what you find.

Ask your friends – Ask your friends and family about different resources that they have found useful.

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